Family Heirloom Investment

McKay’s Photography captures professional heirloom family portraits of growing families, high school seniors, unique business headshots and just for fun. My specialty is with children under 5 years old and in making the process easy for new parents.

Let’s grab a moment in time, keeping your memory of this age and time in your life pure!


Planning your purchase of heirloom family portraits:

  • Most people just want me to take the pictures and then they have not thought about (or budgeted for) what they will do with the images. Please think about what type of products you might want before you contact me… what will your children inherit? Framed art, books, loose prints, a flask??


  • Bigger is better. Seriously. If you really want an 8×10 or less, then there isn’t much reason to hire a full time Professional Portrait Photographer. With a full time Photographer, we are interested in creating actual art for you… heirlooms for your children to inherit and for you to brag about to your friends.

Please budget for a minimum of $650 and upwards of $3000 for the full custom experience and products.

A typical family portrait experience begins at $750 and includes a $550 studio credit. Weekend day-in-the-life sessions are the best way to go and are highly recommended. The minimum commitment is $1500 for such a special experience.

  • Follow MP on Facebook for special “portrait days” or other small/quick sessions for a holiday card image or something smaller scale.
  • Having a baby? REGISTER for baby photography. When you are out of work, holding that new bundle, you’ll want a million images of your new addition yet won’t have the extra cash. Besides, that baby will be naked most of the time anyway… so skip the abundance of newborn clothes and go straight for something you actually will use.