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How to get your Fur Baby Wedding Ready

Guest post! Today’s wedding planning blog post is from a past Portrait client of mine… Terry Kuzila! Recently we got together over wine and the topic of dogs at weddings came up. Terry has some great tips on how to keep your pet healthy and wedding photo ready! Enjoy! ~Heather

fur baby and dogs at weddings

What does your pet mean to you???  My dog is definitely more than a pet…he’s family. His love is unconditional, he is always there to listen, never leaves my side when I am sick or sad, and is always happy when I come home.

Let’s be honest, some people love their pets MORE than family!

That being said, it only makes sense for a lot of people that they include their pet as part of their wedding. Today it’s not unusual to see one of our furry, four-legged friends scamper down the aisle. So it only makes sense that we would want them to look and feel their best on the big day too!

fur baby and dogs at weddings

In addition to the usual bath, grooming, nail trim and polish, make sure you give your pet the same level of skin care treatment that you give yourself. Just like your own hands and feet, their pads and paws can get cracked and calloused year-round. Things you may not even think about like gritty sidewalks, and yards or parks containing sharp stones can irritate paws and pads.

More and more weddings are being held in parks or yards, so make sure you keep this in mind if you plan on having your pet trot down the aisle.  There are many products out there that can help protect your pet…. like PetHealth Pad & Paw Balm.

fur baby and dogs at weddings

One product I love is PetHealth Pad & Paw Balm.

It’s an easy to apply, topical treatment that moisturizes and protects your pet’s delicate pads and paws.   Don’t forget, pets leave paw prints on your heart, so make sure you keep them healthy!

Pet Health Pad & Paw Balm

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fur baby and dogs at weddings

What tips do you have for grooming your fur baby for your wedding? Leave them below, we would love to hear from you…