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For all the New Moms: 6 Birth Stories – from my Mom

What to expect when you are expecting your first baby…. Six birth stories for all the pregnant women by Pamela McKay, a mother of six children!

Hi ya’ll, this is Heather’s mom. She has been after me for years to blog for her about parenting, marriage and raising a family. So here goes…

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A little about me:

  • The most naive person I know
  • Married at 19
  • First baby at 19
  • No mom in sight for advice
  • No experience with babies
  • Scared out of my mind

For all the New Moms: Six Birth Stories by Pamela McKay
Since Heather has a bunch of former brides who are expecting their first baby, I’ll tell you about the six most amazing experiences I had.

For all the New Moms: Six Birth Stories

  •  At 19, and young & healthy, baby 1 was a breeze. The only problem I had was the need to sleep 12 to 16 hours a day.   For all the New Moms: Six Birth Stories
  • Baby 2, and a toddler in tow, left no time to sleep. He did try to trick us, and we used to go into town to wait and see if the contractions were real. After 4 false alarms, we finally induced and it hurt like hell. I don’t recommend it.
  • Baby 3 left me running out the door as if there was beef on the menu. Funny she turned out to be a vegetarian.
  • Baby 4 was a crazy time. I hadn’t known you could have hot flashes while preggy, or that the wee little darling could make your body go into starvation. Or that you could lose your ability to think, thus making choosing between 2 clean maternity blouses bring you to tears.
  • Baby 5 left everyone wondering if we ever got the memo about what causes babies in mommy’s tummy.
  • Baby 6 was the immaculate conception of the family. 3 teenagers, 2 elementary kids, Gramps living with us, and dad in college while working 60+ hours a week to pay for it all… Lets just say, he would have been a good one to have had while sleeping 12 to 16 hours a day.

All in all, they all turned out good. I didn’t want to send any of them back to where they came from.

As a side note: My hair was straight my whole life. Having all these babies turned it curly. It is true what they say: There are things that can curl your hair!

Till next time,
Yach y da (Here’s to you – in Welsh)

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  1. Janice McKay Wiggins

    I remember my beautiful Aunt Pam, and handsome Uncle George, in the family photo above. I also remember babysitting for my cute little cousins Stacy, Nathan, and Heather. Uncle George changed my diapers when I was a baby and I was able to return the favor with his first three.

  2. Stephen Craddock

    Mama McKay, I am looking forward to reading and hearing more. Thank you for sharing your experiment. Er, I mean, experience! ( ps. May I call you Mama McKay?)

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