Aurora Royalty Marries Dominican Prince

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Oh, Chris and Annie and my favorite Finger Lakes Wedding venue! I fell in love with these two lovebirds when I flew down to Brooklyn last Fall to meet them and document their ‘how we dated’ engagement photos.

These two are infectious, loving, hilarious and {ahem} Chris talks as much as I do! So, needless to say, we hit it off right away.

Skip forward to this past weekend and their epic Finger Lakes designation wedding at the glamorous Inns of Aurora. Annie grew up in Aurora and attended Wells college, so it was only fitting that this Brooklyn couple tied the knot at Finger Lakes wedding venue the Aurora Inn!

Rehearsal Dinner at Wells College on Cayuga Lake

Kinda bad-ass fun fact: Annie’s Mom was the President of Wells College and HAS A BUILDING NAMED AFTER HER.

So, naturally, the Rehearsal Dinner BBQ was held at the Ryerson Commons on the Wells College campus. This was an ideal location also because a lot of us were staying in the dorms. Perfect.

Wells College Photographers

The dinner was a perfect mix of Annie’s family, Chris’ Dominican family and a ton of awesome friends. By the end of the evening, everyone was one big happy family.

I’ve never seen such a relaxed effort to get to know each other, relax with a game of dominos and partake of fresh cigars from the Dominican Republic.

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Finger Lakes Wedding Venue The Inns of Aurora

On the morning of the wedding, I saw Chris and his family for a bit and met up with my very talented second photographer, Nicole.

Music was playing on the porch as we captured Chris fresh from the shower and ready to roll.

He once again told the Hollywood version of how he met Annie, showed us his custom made suit, sentimental cuff links, and the heirloom watch that Annie gave him the day before.

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The girls finished getting ready in their childhood home: The Taylor House.

It is a stunning house across the street from the Aurora Inn and before you get all drool-y and jealous…. had no A/C.

The poor ladies had their faces melting off in no time. I got the girls in their dresses after a sentimental and thoughtful gift exchange.

A very special moment was when Annie’s childhood Nanny brought the wedding gown down for her to put on. And then, we were off to the horses. Literally. 


wedding photography Upstate NY

A horse-drawn carriage picked the girls up and then trotted down Main Street to the church!

The Inns of Aurora Wedding Photos

Is anyone smart enough to guess how Chris picked out the color for his custom made suit???

After herding cats, I mean the family formal portraits, we headed into my favorite Finger Lakes wedding venue for the cocktail hour.

Annie and Chris convinced their friends to perform at their wedding and let’s just say the band was off the hook!

Eventually, we all made our way to the reception tent for toasts and dinner. Tears were shed during each and every toast as family gushed over Chris and Annie and their support of each other, lust for life and the example they set as a couple.

Just before the cake was cut, we snuck down to Cayuga Lake for a few dusk images with the Bridal Party. Chris was busy showing off his new wedding ring and making out with his new wife.

As you can clearly see, the rest of the night was one big party, with a packed dance floor and a flowing bar.

It took me a few days longer than normal to recover from this action-packed wedding at the Inns of Aurora and I certainly overshot my normal quota. I just may need my own dance party while editing the wedding in order to finish.


Wells College Wedding Brunch at The Boathouse

The following morning, because I was staying in the Wells College dorms (yes, you read that right!), I sauntered down to the Wells College Boathouse for the farewell brunch and to have a mimosa with my new favorite person: Lisa Ryerson.

We toasted to making it out alive!

The Inns of Aurora catered the brunch, the guestbook was floating around and we all huddled together under the tent during a quick and furious thunderstorm.

When the rain let up, the air-cooled and we all went our separate ways… still beaming from the fun night before.

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What was your favorite moment from this epic Finger Lakes wedding?? Share in the comments and on Facebook!

I certainly felt like part of the family and loved getting to know each and every one of you. Three cheers to the happy couple!

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