June 27, 2014

Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Trey McKay in Brooklyn NY

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Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Trey McKay in Brooklyn NY at the age of 25. He is a smart and talented, up-and-coming interactive designer. Currently, he works at  Shapeways, which is the largest 3-d printing service.

Ironically, I took zero iPhone pictures and only took one roll of medium format film.

fine art film portrait photographer in NY

I was already in Newburgh speaking to area Hudson Valley Photographers. So, this was a perfect time to swing on over to Brooklyn to see my baby brother in his new life.

fine art film portrait photographer in NY

Trey is the youngest of us 6 kids, and 7 years younger than the 5th kid, Grace. So, he basically was an only child with the benefits of having siblings. We were all there to remind him how spoiled he was, share our mistakes and disappointments, and give our opinion or support wether he wanted it or not. Now that he is becoming his own man, I took the rare opportunity to have some one-on-one time with someone I’ve always felt like an Aunt to. It was lovely. He has grown up into a smart, inquisitive and passionate McKay.

fine art film portrait photographer in NY

We just walked around his neighborhood and sat outside, drinking at a bar, then in his berry covered backyard. He was kind enough to take me to an amazing local Brooklyn Vegan diner, Champs. I met some of his friends, including one who also has an affinity for film photography and travel, James Yarusinsky.

We had great talks about Shapeways, my business, branding, SEO, family, expectations, missteps, finances, dating, music, leaving Facebook and his wanting to move to Finland. Pretty much everything. Mostly we drank local whiskey and worked on our tans (or as Trey calls it, going to Translucent Level 6).

fine art film portrait photographer in NY

I was supposed to join him for a real day-in-the-life experience at a metal show in Brooklyn, but it was sold out. So, I drove on over to New Jersey to catch up with one of my oldest and dearest RIT friends. Marc and I did much of the same. Had some meals. Had some drinks. And had some great talks. These were very relaxing days off, with my favorite people.

Stacie McKay 14:57 June 27, 2014
So great you got to spend time with him - send us updates on how he is! I miss him :)
Pamela McKay 10:40 June 28, 2014
Miss him. I do want to see more photos of Trey if you have them.

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