November 22, 2013

Vintage Film Friday: The Lake House

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Vintage Film Friday: When I was growing up, there was no money. None. My Mom went to the day-old bread store and invented crazy dinners using a loaf of bread, a can of Spaghettios and a pack of American cheese…and that was dinner for 8! My Dad worked constantly. With six kids and a police officer’s salary, times were tough until around the mid-90s when he made Lieutenant. So, now it is amazing and a true blessing to be able to say that I’m the child of parents with a lake house. I’ve had a blast, capturing the new adventure on film!

Heather's parent's lake house on Honeoye Lake NY in the Finger Lakes

As many of you know, I grew up in Houston and that is where most of my immediate family still resides. Having my parents buy a lake house only 40 minutes from me has been a real adjustment, a real treat and really flattering. Being self-employed, I’m not used to taking full days off and I’m realizing that I work a lot more than I think I do. This summer, it was lovely being able to go antique shopping, kayaking, hiking and relaxing with Mom and Dad. They are getting a sense of what my life is like and I’ve been reminded about all the good things about them. Though I always feel like I need to be working, towards the end of the summer I had a better work/life balance.

Heather's parent's lake house on Honeoye Lake NY in the Finger Lakes

This summer was a busy one… We had my Aunt Judith’s 75th birthday party at the lake. My older brother rode his motorcycle up for my birthday (and his). My local cousins got to hang out with my Mom a lot. A few of my closest friends/past clients had an off-the-grid weekend… and a photographer friend and I biked around Honeoye Lake! It was a haven for relaxing and a delight to have this in the family. Plus, it is only 12 minutes from Bristol Mountain!

The best part of the summer was seeing my Mom get strong from kayaking. She has never had her own sport, so it was awesome seeing her embrace it with gusto and out kayak everyone who went with her! Another treat was seeing her dog, Lily, take over the neighborhood.

teacup Yorkie photographed on medium format film by Finger Lakes Photographer

Now, with winter approaching and everyone back in TX, the house is quiet and empty. It will be my own little escape during snowboarding season and the remote location for McKay’s Photography. I’m planning a yoga retreat and another off-the-grid weekend, possibly a photography workshop too (the light is AMAZING at dusk and in the winter!).

Care to join me?

Heather's parent's lake house on Honeoye Lake NY in the Finger Lakes in the winter


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