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Family Reunion Photography on Keuka Lake

What better way to celebrate two eightieth birthdays than with family reunion at a summer home near Keuka Lake! The Wilson-Cusick families spend the summer visiting this restored 19th century home that was saved after 25 years of neglect.

Now, this old farmhouse creates a perfect space for a summer vacation every year and enables a lifetime of treasured memories with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

On a stunning August day, I drove through the Finger Lakes and all it’s winding roads to Altay, New York, which is just past Keuka Lake.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and there were perfect puffy white clouds.

I arrived at the old cabin and saw the guys relaxing on the little porch. A perfect morning to take in the view. Little Sylvie showed me around the property and all of her favorite spots so I could get a good idea of where I might want to capture the family reunion photo of the whole group.

There were so many barns and old buildings that it was hard to choose the perfect spot.

A beautiful old 1800’s farmhouse near Keuka Lake hosted the Wilson & Cusick family reunion photography for their summer vacation photo books and Grandpa’s 80th birthday in the Finger Lakes.

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family reunion photographers Rochester
family reunion photographers Rochester

How to Sell Photography Online for Family Reunion

You may be wondering how I go about gathering all of the people (or wrangling) needed for a generational reunion photo, and yes, I do have a super efficient system.

First, I start with the individual families that are actually ready when we need them. This give other families, maybe with tiny humans, time to get ready. Once everyone is actually present and ready to roll, I jump right in with the entire group.

This needs to be FAST and I need to be ready to work quickly

An added bonus to working with the smaller groupings first is that it gives me a chance to ensure that my lighting and camera settings are perfect prior to the large group photo. 

After the session, I collect all of the decision maker’s email and phone numbers and plant seeds for sales with the entire group.

Once the family reunion photos are ready, I contact the client and let them place their order first. After that, I’ll work with the individual families on holiday cards or other print products.

Easy peasy.