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This stunning wedding at the Glen Iris Inn was a last-minute addition to my lineup this year, as the happy couple just hired me a few weeks ago!

It might have been the shortest booking to shooting that I’ve ever scheduled.

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The couple and I actually met in the Spring, however, these two are so laid back and not into wedding planning that they never really got around to booking me as their wedding photographer.

That is, until recently.

I’m so happy that it worked out and I was available for their wedding day! Joe and Laura are perfect for my style and this focus-more-on-the-marriage than the wedding attitude sums up McKay’s Photography couples perfectly.

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Laura and Joe ended up with the most beautiful Fall wedding day at the “Best State Park in the US”: Letchworth State Park! September can be hit or miss with the weather and Joe even commented that it was much hotter than he would have liked. The wonderful weather left us with a perfect and relaxing day in the park, with plenty of time to enjoy the waterfalls and the outdoors. Joe and Laura are both outdoor enthusiasts and having nature in their wedding (as well as their vows!) was important. Well, one wouldn’t call Joe an enthusiast though…. he actually is a “fish dude” by profession.

(hence the XtraTuf, Alaska approved boots that we incorporated into their portraits)

Laura and the girls all got ready inside the Glen Iris Inn. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her Essence of Australia wedding gown and I loved seeing it hanging in front of a giant bookshelf filled with old National Geographic Magazines! I looked for one with rare fishing on the cover, however, I didn’t find one… It would have made for a perfect his/hers photo opp. haha.

When everyone was ready, I brought Joe in for their “First Look”. Laura didn’t want to share that moment with everyone and I love the “First Look” exactly for this reason! It always has more emotion when it is just the two of them.

As you can clearly see, the wedding ceremony was outdoors in Letchworth Park with the roar of Middle Falls in the background. The readings were touching, the vows perfect for their camping lifestyle and friends enchanted us with the music.

(yes, there is a photo of how dirty I got after laying in the mud!)

I’m pretty sure that Silk Bridal Boutique would be mortified to see what I do with my couples on their wedding day! I always try to push the envelope in getting unique images for my couples.

(Don’t worry, no gown was harmed… I have secret tricks for everything!)

The wedding reception at the Glen Iris Inn is inside a tent on the property, which is conveniently located right next to the ceremony location. This made it easy for all of us to walk around the grounds, enjoying the scenery, walking off dinner and trying to see the sunset over the falls.

The staff at Glen Iris Inn are so helpful and run a tight ship. Everything went so smoothly, even our sneaking away for the water photos during dinner.

After the cake was cut & the dances were done, the desserts were out and the DJ lit the dance floor on fire. It was hopping all night and was really reeling me in as I was packing up to go home. I could have stayed dancing and documenting all night long…

Joe and Laura, thank you so much for hiring me as your wedding documentarian and for allowing me into your lives and hearts! Olivia and I loved every minute of your wedding day, your families and photographing you two at the Glen Iris Inn.

On the way home, Olivia (my assistant) said “Oh, I get it now! I see why wedding photography is so much fun! Are all weddings like this one??” 

Fun Fact: My own mentor when I began as a wedding photographer 15 years ago is the one who referred me! Dawn put up with me for the first few years of learning as her second photographer. Thank you, Dawn!!

Dawn is an acupuncturistFun Fact #2: and literally saved Laura’s Grandmother’s life. Wow, I’d say keeping with the acupuncture and not wedding photography was the right choice!

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  1. This Wedding photography is the best we have ever seen. Kudos to the photographers for capturing our Niece Laura’s and Joe’s special day! Joyce and George Down

  2. Wow, Joyce! Thank you so much for your kind words! It makes me so happy to know that I captured Laura and Joe’s wedding the way their friends and family know and love them. Enjoy!

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