October 30, 2009

Fall Engagement Photos with Melissa & Jordan


With barely any time left for the beautiful Fall leaves, Melissa and Jordan came to Rochester for their Engagement Session with their new puppy, Eleonore! It was a gorgeous Fall day and we were all very excited to see some bright red trees still completely full in Mt. Hope Cemetery. What a shock, since the red ones end earliest.

RochesterPortrait, fall engagement photos

We had a nice relaxing stroll taking their photos and keeping up with the dog. A great way to spend the day! Melissa and Jordan are getting married next August at Hurd Orchard Farm, which is highly exciting to me since it is right up my ally! You may recall Trevor and Alison’s wedding there this past May and how awesome that couple was to work with as well as how cool the images came out. Melissa and Jordan actually remind me a lot of Trevor and Alison too. One main thing about both couples is that when we met, I felt like I’d known them forever!

Heather McKay's Photography

Yesterday, it was more like hanging out with friends… so much so that we had a cup of tea before we headed out and then we stopped at Boulder Coffee when we were finished. I had a lot of computer work I should have been doing, but instead I hung out with them for the better part of the afternoon. Of course, I was still at work, but it didn’t feel like it!

For them, I hope the photo shoot helped relax their fears about being photographed on their wedding day. Neither of them really feel comfortable in front of the camera and they also said that there are few photos of them together. So, having an Engagement Session done was a great idea and I’m so happy to be able to help!!

Heather McKay's Photography

Thank you both for hiring me as your Wedding Photographer and more importantly for driving to Rochester from Buffalo to work with me!! I am so honored to have you as clients and am really looking forward to your wedding next summer!

Melissa 16:36 November 16, 2009
What a great way to spend an afternoon. Love the images!
sean 17:53 January 9, 2010
these are amazing!

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