wedding photographer and business mentor Heather McKay

What the? How in the hecko did I become a centerfold?

Well, this was unexpected… My pal (and sometimes assistant photographer), Pat Luke (CPP) posted this cute little video from the magazine aisle at the grocery store the other day!
 [flo_video] [/flo_video]
I had completely forgotten that I was going to be in a national magazine. How did I forget that??  So, it was a wonderful near surprise to see and is really surreal! Seriously, who would have thought that I would be full page in a national magazine for my face and not for my images?? Especially since I’ve always felt invisible and battled my weight. To be bordering plus-sized and be in a national ad campaign is quite the motivator to dump the story I tell myself about myself.
I guess I’m not a mutant after all.
faces of PPA campaign in Professional Photographer Magazine
This month, the ad is being run in Digital Photo Pro and Digital Photographer magazines.
Also found out that it will be running in the February issue of Professional Photographer magazine too!
PPA has been running an ongoing ad campaign to drive membership as well as awareness of their little utilized Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) program.
The campaign is called “Faces of PPA“. The image was taken last February in Boston by a Photographer that I’ve been mentoring, Kiera Slye. I asked her to take this image specifically for the submission to the “Faces of PPA”, however, we had no idea they would love it so much as to make me one of the poster girls!
I became a CPP in 2010 when I was the President of the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers (GRPP). There were about 8 of us that formed a study group and spent 12 weeks meeting, learning and practicing for the certification exam. We also helped each other pick images for the submission portion. It was an invaluable experience, even for someone like me who has a BFA in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology!