April 24, 2015

My Weird Experience as a Pin Up Model

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If you know a Photographer, you know we all loathe being in front of the camera… we want to be the one taking the pictures and hiding behind the camera. So, as an act of extreme uncomfortable exhibitionism, I forced myself to step up and embrace the Pin Up experience at my friend’s Roc Pinups Heels & Wheels event.

I dug around my closet for the perfect vintage dress that fit the theme of vintage cars and headed over to this one day event. Lucky for me, the ladies of Special Occasion Hair Design were on hand to do my hair and makeup with victory rolls (YAY!) and someone had better shoes for me to wear than what I brought. Wow, acting like a girl is so much work!
Rochester Pin-Up Photos with classic car

The entire experience was made super easy because of the team of fine folks running the event. Steve, Mick and everyone made me feel like a celebrity and were good sports when I was nervous.

rochester photographers

I’ve always been the over-weight friend and have battled conforming to ridiculous American beauty ideals (I’m built for winter and breeding). I also never learned how to do my hair & makeup. So, being the sexy centerfold doesn’t come naturally to me. Seriously, I just recently bought my first curling iron!

Lucky for me, I’ve known Steve for over a decade, so he and I already have quite the rapport and he was able to joke around and keep me laughing. Mostly at him, but sometimes at myself. (Fun fact: I actually instigated him to get into Pin Up photography!)

The experience was very empowering and it is amazing to see the images and go “That’s me!”

As I age, and my weight goes up and down like it does, it is such a treat to have these images as motivation to work out hard as well as to take a breather and let myself realize how young and vibrant I actually am.

So, what did I buy for myself from this Pin Up Session? A flask! Hilariously, one of my all-time favorite Brides wanted one too (yes, a flask with me on it! HA!).

Have you ever done a boudoir or Pin Up session for yourself? How did it make you feel to see the images of yourself? Do you have any tips for someone interested in either experience?

kiera 14:29 April 24, 2015
Heather you're a goddess and I'm not surprised in the least! LOVE this! Xoxox
Stephanie Reeve 15:03 May 25, 2015
You seriously missed your calling as a pin-up model. Seriously.

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