February 28, 2014

Eco-Friendly Two Volume Wedding Album

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Today’ Heirloom Wedding Album spotlight is a handmade, gorgeous, eco-friendly two volume wedding album for The Webber’s rustic Rabbit Room wedding and Patagonia Honeymoon. Yep, they honeymooned in Patagonia (and we get to see the pics)!

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When Ian told me that their honeymoon was a trip down to Patagonia and the southern tip of South America, I recommended we do the two volume set. Ian is also a photographer and I knew he would be taking some truly amazing images on their honeymoon.

You see, we met Freshman year of college at RIT in a first year photography class! So, not only is Ian a fellow photographer, he also understands the value of proper presentation. Laura thought it was a great idea too, knowing that deadlines are helpful.

Pategonia Honeymoon pictures

So, I gave him a few tips on types of images to capture specifically for the album and then I guided them on how to layout and tackle the project. It was very much a collaborative effort on designing both books. To make them consistent, Webber followed my lead with design style and page layouts. He knocked it out of the park!

To delineate the different volumes, we used an inlaid image on each cover and slightly different cover papers. Both covers are made of reclaimed pineapple leaves. These books are completely produced in the USA and handmade by a real person! The printing and construction is eco-friendly completely. You can read more about that here.

Both eco-friendly albums are a custom size of 13×9.5 and 25 pages / 50 sides!

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With regard to album design, I prefer to lay the book out more like a fine art book and less like a traditional wedding album. Having the images tell a complete story of the day and of the people present, as well as their genealogical relation to each other, is of utmost importance. You will see the few formal portraits sprinkled throughout the book.

Interested in creating a beautiful Honeymoon album? Ask me how…

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