Giant Metal Print! Oh, My!

Here it is! The big reveal! This is the largest single print I’ve ever created…a 40×90 inch metal print! If you’re going to print your photos for your walls, go big or go home, right?

This large metal print is a true statement piece.

How to hang a large metal print in your home

That’s right, metal. Yes, we can print on metal… No really…. The image is infused onto a piece of aluminum and floats off the wall. This big, unique metal print is a true statement piece for their large foyer.

Bay Photo Metal print by top rochester wedding photographer Heather McKay

I know, right?!

So, it all started when my Bride and Groom asked me to come over to their brand new home to help them start their family wall with images from their wedding…

Upon finishing this living room wall, I asked Steven what they planned on putting in their large foyer… He hadn’t thought about it.

Together, we created a statement piece for their new home, a focus for family gatherings. Something that represents the couple’s relationship and their future together. This image works because of the image chosen.

It is an unique view of the Bridal Party on a bridge in downtown Rochester in silhouette. Because their Bridal Party was mostly family, it will also be a timeless piece.

Not only did we create the perfect ‘family wall’ in their living room, but I was also able to introduce them to this new media style that transcended the photographer/client relationship. Literally.… I mean, who thinks of hiring a wedding photographer that they trust enough to sit in their home while they are at work? Yeah, that happened. And that’s exactly what went through my mind when I entered the security code to enter. MY JOB IS SO WEIRD!

But hey, when a shipping company can only deliver that day, someone has to be there to receive it… besides, working from their house was nicer than working from mine 😉

SO, this is how you hang a giant metal print:

Honestly, as soon as I pitched the idea to them, two thoughts went through my head…

  1. hmmm, I wonder if there is even a photo lab that makes a metal print that large as one piece. (turns out that there is ONE lab and there are only two sizes larger than this)
  2. how in the heck are we going to hang the thing? scaffolding??? (their painters were kind enough to come out to hang it up for us)

how to hang a large metal print in your entryway

Megan and Steven held a reveal party for their closest friends and family, and to celebrate his 40th birthday! It was such a treat to be a fly on the wall and hear all of the comments and see the reactions…

Megan told me later the things she heard about the metal print:

  • It’s so awesome!  I have never seen anything like this!
  • Is that printed on glass?  It’s looks awesome whatever it is printed on!
  • Wow, I have never seen anything like that!
  • That is very unique and very cool!
  • Your photographer is a true artist!
  • I LOVE it!! (my artsy sister in law)
  • WOW! It’s huge!
  • Is that YOUR wedding party?  I didn’t realize that was an actual print of your wedding – how cool!
  • Who did that for you?
  • I love the way it is mounted on the wall – so unique.
  • Your photographer must LOVE you! (my sister Hollie 😉 )

metal print big reveal party

Why are people so afraid to go BIG with their heirloom wall art?

I think it is just a visualization thing. Photographers sometimes forget that it is our job to listen and then educate on what can be done.

Some images are meant to be small and others really need to be large. Same goes for what it is printed on… Some images are better showcased on canvas, others metal, others prints, a book, etc.

It is so fun for me to help my clients create something that is truly unique and perfect for their own situation. This project was such a treat for me!

May I help you create something cool for your home? Pretty please? Email me today!

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  1. Heather, this is WONDERFUL! I love the color of the sky combined with the figures in black. Really amazing. The size is just a bit wider than the painting over my fireplace so can imagine the dimensions. Great result!!!

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