June 28, 2011

dinosaurs and parents

Living Vacation

My Dad is a rock star. He raised over $10,000 for the Leukemia Society and biked from Houston to Niagara Falls as part of the HPD Bike Relay Team. The Houston Police Department has been raising awareness and money for Leukemia research for 30 years and have just hit the $5 Million mark! This year alone, the Relay Team raised $240,000. Apparently being a civil servant isn’t enough for these fine folks. Their sacrifice know no bounds.

Fundraising ideas for cancer and leukemia research by the HPD bike relay team

With the destination being Niagara Falls, Canada this year, I had to be there to show my support! Mom flew into Rochester and then we headed over to the Falls to await the big arrival. We were able to do a little night sight seeing and ride the ferris wheel (which looked like it was being attacked by dinosaurs!).

The next morning, in the rain, the 30 police officers rode in to finish the 2250 mile bike ride!

It was nice to meet the other police officers, hear the stories and to see my parents. We were able to get in a round of putt putt golf after the rain let up, and I have to say…. it was the coolest golf course I’ve ever seen! There were life size dinosaurs everywhere and a 4 story tall volcano that you golf through! NEAT. I don’t remember who won (probably Dad), but it was a lot of fun and I forgot how silly both of my parents are.

Congratulations to my Dad and the other HPD Officers for completing another successful ride and thank you for all you do!

Donate to the HPD Bike Relay Team Here!

Houston Police Department relay team

George McKay and Houston Police Department (HPD) bike relay team raises money for leukemia research by biking to Niagara Falls Canada from Houston, Texas.


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