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I'm taking a break from my normal BLOG format to share with you a recent testimonial from a very satisfied Bride and Groom. A while back, I sent out a call on Facebook for any of my past customers to write a guest BLOG post for me, and this glowing review is the first to be sent in. I certainly wasn't asking for a review for a BLOG post, but as you will read, Stefani & Brandon are also discussing the importance of having a flexible budget as well as purchasing an album over the digital files. This testimonial applies to family portraiture as well. Wall art is just as important as a wedding album and the reason you are hiring a professional. As usual, I could not have said it better myself!

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Stefani & Brandon Share Their Wedding Journey

It is a truly monumental task attempting to put into words our appreciation towards and admiration for Heather McKay of McKay’s PhotographyTo make the task a bit more manageable we will focus solely on our experience with Heather as our wedding album designer. 

We must say though that we could rave for days about her professionalism and exceptional skill that were evident throughout all of our experiences with her.

One of the factors that makes Heather’s work stand head and shoulders above the rest is her ability to capture beautiful images with her camera. 

Other photographers nowadays rely heavily on technology and Photoshop, while Heather is able to actually capture moments with her camera and not fabricate them later on.  She tastefully uses Photoshop to enhance her images, not to create the image. 

No one wants to look at their wedding album and think “That’s not how I remember it!” 

Nothing can take the place of natural talent, years of experience, and passion.  Heather possesses all of these things. 

Nothing is more timeless than a beautiful photo.  Heather produces beautiful photos every time!  She has the rare ability to stay current while remaining timeless.

Rochester Museum and Science Center and Planetarium wedding photos

How to Design a Wedding Album

Heather worked closely with us while making our album to make sure that we were getting exactly what we wanted. 

She shows her sensitivity to her clients’ economic situation by never trying to up-sell.  There were never any hidden charges.  Everything was completely upfront and honest. 

It is reassuring to do business with someone who is so trustworthy and who truly has your best interest in mind.  She makes sure that the client feels comfortable and knows exactly what they will be getting for their money.

None of our meetings with Heather were constricted by a time limit.  She always allowed us to stay as long as we wanted to discuss our ideas and questions. 

Most people today are all about making money and that means meeting with as many clients in as short a time frame as possible.  This is not the case at McKay’s Photography

She cares about her clients and it shows by the amount of time she is willing to spend with them.  She truly listened to what we wanted and it was all reflected in the end product… From specific pictures we wanted included, to the background color of pages, to the formatting of various pages; she managed to capture exactly what we wanted! 

Even though she did all of the work, she made us feel like we were part of the process too. 

Our wedding album reflects all of the things we love and admire about Heather’s work, yet she made it feel undeniably ours! 

That is no easy task!

RMSC Planetarium Wedding Album

Rochester Museum and Science Center and Planetarium wedding photos
Rochester Museum and Science Center and Planetarium wedding photos

It goes without saying that we became misty eyed when Heather presented us with our completed album.  It is something that we will treasure forever. 

The bride and groom would naturally be pleased with an album featuring themselves on their special day, but what would the tougher critics aka our parents think?  They were nothing short of amazed. 

We heard a lot of “We have never seen anything like this!”  My mother said it is “Absolutely the most beautiful wedding album ever!” 

In complete seriousness my Grandmother offered to buy us a new coffee table for the sole purpose of displaying our Wedding Album!

If those aren’t the words of a satisfied customer, I don’t know what is!

“People who opt not to get an album and only receive the digital files of their wedding images are missing out on a truly breathtaking heirloom.”

Heather told our story through her pictures and our album. Going through each page brings back a flood of happy memories.

I put wedding pictures in my own small album immediately after the wedding. When I look through that album I do not get the magical feelings that I get when I look at the masterpiece that Heather created. 

She is nothing short of a magnificent artist. She created our most valuable possession that will be treasured throughout our lives.

Some people are hesitant to spend significant amounts of money, but believe me when I say that it is a small price to pay for a priceless piece of art. 

Heather’s work speaks for itself and it says all of the right things!  She has lifelong customers in us!

~ Brandon & Stefani Dilmore
Married May 22, 2010

At McKay’s Photography, if a customer purchases a wedding album between January and April, they receive the digital files as a gift from the studio*.
*minimum $1000 purchase, completely ordered/designed/paid between Jan-April 30 to qualify.

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  1. WOW! They get it ! You truely are wonderful Heather…. What a nice testimony of your hard work !

  2. I just saw Trisha and Neil’s bridal album. I don’t really have the words to describe my feelings about it. Beyond any expectations for sure. i ♥ it! and i ♥ your creativity and artistic abilities. …. so very glad you embrace those and use those gifts. Thank you for that and for the joy your gifts bring / brought to my family. peace.

  3. Heather -You are truely amazing! Trisha and Neil’s wedding album really captured how magnificent the event actually was! Trisha and Neil were so excited to show it to us that the met us in the parking lot of a Target to show us!

    You are a wonderful and gifted women! I adore you!

  4. Thanks, D! A Target, huh? I do have to say, that on my end, you are amazing as well… who else could give me the absolute best bride/father image right next to one of the funniest?? Only you, sir, only you. I adore you right back.

    Sara, your words mean a lot to me and I appreciate you as well. This is a tough business and to have super awesome people like you and your family in my life and keeping me sane means more than you know!

  5. I think this writing is FABULOUS and a wonderful description of your talent, results, and convictions of why people should choose to have an album. I know you have talked about involving the bride and groom in the album design, but this says it so perfectly. She clearly acknowledged her participation, but definitely felt your inspiration and professional touch and ‘WOW’ impact in the finished product.

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