DC Wedding with Vietnamese Bride

DC Wedding with The Morey and Meemers!!

There is so much to say about this DC wedding, however I’ll try to keep it short! I’ve known The Morey since I was 18 years old. We’ve seen each other through all of life that so many years provides and I’m happy that he is still such a big part of my life.

A DC Wedding with the Morey and Meemers at L'enfant Plaza in Washington DC

Nothing made me happier than to be the one to photograph his wedding, especially because I think Mimi is such a great fit for him! They are both so content and happy with each other and they enjoy the qualities that make each of them unique. This was apparent during the vows when Jerry went all serious with his and Mimi said “ditto”… which was what Jerry had threatened to say! Turns out on this day, she was the funny one. That give and take is what is so great about these two. The calm and love was apparent throughout the day and the reception was a blast thanks to their kicking it all off with some Journey and being introduced to the theme of the A-Team!

A DC Wedding with the Morey and Meemers at L'enfant Plaza in Washington DC

AsianDCWeddingPhotos3The officiant or “reverend” as we like calling him was none other than Dr. Garrett Johnson… or Sparky as he is better known. Garrett is such a big part of Jerry & Mimi’s life that their dog is named after him! Dr. Johnson works for Apple and he had the nifty new iPad with all his wedding info on it. At first, I thought this was hilarious… until I saw how insanely helpful it was! Not only did Mimi & Jerry send their vows to him via email, then he just turned the iPad so they could read them, but also it looks a heck of a lot better in my images than a giant white binder that is usually in the way and with papers falling out. Typically, this is what I see at weddings. I’m a fan now and am totally digging on the iPad!

Garrett was the first friend I made when I went to Orientation for the Rochester Institute of Technology way back in 1992. Garrett and Jerry were randomly assigned roommates in the dorms and the rest as they say, is history. It is amazing that after all these years, this group of guys is still so close. Many of the guys in attendance were on my floor freshman year. Amazing. Anyway, for all of these reasons, it was an honor to be there and to see everyone.

There really is too much to say about The Morey’s wedding, so I’ll end here. All I really can say is that both families were amazingly open and friendly and it was just such an honor, joy and pleasure to be able to document these two tying the knot! My best wishes to them both and safe travels on their honeymoon in Greece!

Much much love to you both!

~ Kamay

A DC Wedding with the Morey and Meemers at L’enfant Plaza in Washington DC

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Vietnamese Bride on her wedding day

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  1. Thanks Kamay. We couldn’t have pulled this off without you. We’re happy to have such an amazing photographer to capture our wedding day.

  2. Kamay, you were more than just our fabulous photographer. You were also our wedding planner, coordinator, adviser, etc. Mostly you were a great friend. The day went smoothly with your help. Thank you for everything!!!!

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