Vintage MP Wedding Spotlight: Cinema Themed Wedding

My famous Cinema wedding! Rochester, as most people would agree, is usually several years behind the rest of the country when it comes to style and trends… This is so true with regards to Rochester Weddings too. What I’ve recently been amazed about is how cutting edge some of my older weddings were. Back when there wasn’t a market for certain things, a few of my Brides really did a lot of work creating exactly what they wanted on their wedding day. Spending several hours driving to meet a baker or shipping in a photo booth from NJ, these couples really had a vision and didn’t compromise.


I still look back on these images with pride in my work and as a reminder to get back to the purity that I once had.

This installment of Vintage McKay’s Photography Weddings, comes from my infamous Cinema Wedding! All of my current customers have seen the giant 12×12 album for this wedding and have marveled at all of the great ideas. From the Ice Cream bar instead of a cake to the vintage B&W photo booth guestbook to her birdcage veil and ostrich feather centerpieces. All of these things were extremely difficult to find and I’ll let Jodi chime in here about the process…

The wedding ceremony was at the historic Cinema Theater on Goodman Street and the wedding reception was at the historic German House in the South Wedge. This was at a time when most weddings were in churches and hotels. The image below won a prestigious wedding photo journalism award with WPJA!


Jodi was so cutting edge that we even did a boudior pregnancy session, before either of those things was popular.

Both the wedding and my images were geared around an old vintage Hollywood wedding theme and I even shot film and used a Holga camera at times!

Here is the wedding album images for their wedding day… from 2007!

6 thoughts on “Vintage MP Wedding Spotlight: Cinema Themed Wedding”

  1. I love that wedding. Looking at the album and prints, always makes me feel like I was there. Easily some of your best work! Can’t wait for some more Vintage MP!

  2. Heather!!! So awesome, thank you!!! I’m so glad fate brought us together and that we shared so many of the same visions! You really captured the feel of our day. And yes, it was a lot of work to pull it together, but I loved every minute of it! Thanks so much for the shout out-you really are the best!!!

  3. HI Taylor,
    Jodi made the invitations herself. Yeah, I know. Crazy. They came out so cool.

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