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Heather McKay occasionally takes vacations from owning and running her own professional photography studio. Explore these escapades here.

2016 year end review of travel hacking photographer Heather McKay in Africa
2016 Year in Review: Travel Hacking & African Adventure
The 2016 year end has me reviewing my weddings, portraits and of my travel hacking as a self-employed photographer. What began as a bucket list item of visiting Africa ended in a year of travel hacking my way through 5 countries and 4 states, spendin ...
African Elephants in Zimbabwe
Bucket List: My African Sabbatical
“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward. Adventure ...
Artist Carolyn Probert in Africa
Auntie Carolyn’s African Journey
Film Friday: remembering my late Auntie Carolyn. As I head off to my bucket-list / trip-of-a-lifetime sabbatical to Africa this month, all I can think about is my Aunt Carolyn. She was my Mom's only sister, an artist, a very free spirit and she ca ...
Singapore Super Trees at night by travel hacker Heather McKay
My First Travel Hacking Experience: Singapore
Travel Hacking to Singapore: As most people know by now, I'm taking a desperately needed little sabbatical to visit Africa. A bucket list level trip... Oh, wait, you ask, what does Singapore have to do with Africa??? What is "travel hacking"? W ...
My 40th Birthday Party on Honeoye Lake
With a super busy summer wedding season, I took a much needed day off before the craziest 3 weeks of my job to celebrate my 40th birthday! My little sister, Grace, was visiting from Austin with my nephew  and that made the party perfect. It was so wo ...
Austin Skate Photographers
Austin Skateparks with my bro
After years of being on the Board of the Friends of the Roc City Skatepark, I finally got to visit some real, concrete skateparks in Austin with my big bro. Peeps in Rochester have NO idea what the rest of the country is up to... It was cool to see t ...
Boston Film Portrait Photographer
Boston Photography Workshop
Q: What's better than a soft winter snowstorm in Boston?? A: Heading out with a Photographer that I've mentored to take pretty pictures with my film camera, then getting thrown in FRONT of the camera!! After years of trying, I finally have a profe ...
Austin Baby Photographer
My Wonderful Nephew, Rhys and Austin TX
EEK! Gosh, I love my sister Grace and her super smart and cuddly baby, Rhys! I also love 70 degree days and wearing flip flops in January. Yup. I haven't seen this kid since the week he was born, so it was such a treat to be able to visit to t ...
McKay's Photography documents the Austin wedding of her brother at the Hill Country's rustic Kindred Oaks wedding venue near Austin TX
My Brother’s Wedding in Austin TX
My older brother's rustic chic wedding in Austin's Hill Country at Kindred Oaks.
Mexico Vacation rental near Cancun
Photographer Geek Out and Vacation in Mexico
This was a much needed vacation - photographer's workshop - commercial architecture shoot... in sunny Mexico!
Maine snowboarding at Sugarloaf
Maine for the Holidays
a much needed off-the-grid few days snowboarding in Maine for Christmas
Vintage 1970s family photos
Parent’s 42nd Wedding Anniversary
For the last two years, when I've not been busy being a Wedding Photographer, I've been entertaining my parents and touring around the Finger Lakes, shopping for a lake house. They are celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary this year!
Dog Sledding Race in Maine
Maine Snowboarding
an impromptu trip to Boston & Maine for some snowboarding
Haley & Lianna's simple lesbian beach wedding near Boston Mass at the Bournedale Function Facility in Plymouth Mass. with bare feet and tattoos.
Haley & Lianna’s Beach Wedding in Plymouth Mass
Haley & Lianna had a nice, simple and emotional wedding on the beach of Camp Bournedale, near Plymouth Mass...
NY travel photographer takes the amtrak train to Boston with Ansco Titan Rangefinder Camera
Vintage Travel via Train
Over Labor Day weekend, I grabbed my old 1950's Ansco Titan Rangefinder (medium format film camera) and my new Nikon D300 digital camera (leaving my beloved Fuji S5) and hit the road... or the tracks