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wedding photographer office ideas
The Journey Towards a Perfect Home Office for My Photography Business
Man, my home office is always a mess. From the very beginning, it was pieced together with random extra furniture (or garage sale finds) and had photography gear just laying around on the floor. Though the room is technically the master bedroom, it w ...
The Grand Vintage Rochester
Small Business Consulting: Revival Vintage Rentals
Revival Vintage Rentals Two years ago, one of my all time fave past Brides contacted me and mentioned she was looking at getting into event coordination and design. Unhappy with her current job, Jodi was taking a break from work and looking for a di ...
Roc Pride Festival 2016
The Gay Alliance’s 2016 Roc Gay Pride Festival
We Americans are so blessed. Yes, we have major troubles facing our nation, however in the end we are blessed to live in a country where you can express yourself and let your freak flag fly. The Gay Alliance invited me to photograph the 2016 Roc Gay ...
2016 year end review of travel hacking photographer Heather McKay in Africa
2016 Year in Review: Travel Hacking & African Adventure
The 2016 year end has me reviewing my weddings, portraits and of my travel hacking as a self-employed photographer. What began as a bucket list item of visiting Africa ended in a year of travel hacking my way through 5 countries and 4 states, spendin ...
African Elephants in Zimbabwe
Bucket List: My African Sabbatical
“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward. Adventure ...
Vintage Film Friday: The Grand
Vintage Film Friday: The Grand
Vintage Film Friday: The Grand is the new home for McKay's Photography and is a collaborative/shared space with Revival Vintage Rentals and Jane Vintage, located in Rochester's historic South Wedge Neighborhood. Here, you can see examples of my fi ...
Singapore Super Trees at night by travel hacker Heather McKay
My First Travel Hacking Experience: Singapore
Travel Hacking to Singapore: As most people know by now, I'm taking a desperately needed little sabbatical to visit Africa. A bucket list level trip... Oh, wait, you ask, what does Singapore have to do with Africa??? What is "travel hacking"? W ...
Rochester Pin-Up Photos with classic car
My Weird Experience as a Pin Up Model
Photographer, Heather McKay, shares her experience being on the other side of the camera for her vintage pin-up portrait by Roc Pin-Ups
Inspire Photo Retreats in Maine. a workshop for photographers
My Strength is My Weakness: Inspire Retreat
Ah, the epic weirdness of life. For the past 3 years, this exact week, I have been in Maine snowboarding. I chose snowboarding over the popular Inspire Photo Retreat each time. This year it was finally the year to choose the retreat over boarding. ...
Professional Photographer Heather McKay, CPP
What the? How in the hecko did I become a centerfold?
Well, this was unexpected.... My pal (and sometimes assistant photographer), Pat Luke (CPP) posted this cute little video from the magazine aisle at the grocery store the other day! // Post by Patrick Luke. I had completely forgotte ...
eco-friendly driveway options and ideas
My Permeable Driveway and Front Yard
For ten years, I've ignored and disliked my front yard and and lack of 'curb appeal'... with an uneven and wonky driveway, where the passengers couldn't get in or out without me pulling out of the driveway, to the crumbling concrete steps.... it had ...
fine art film portrait photographer in NY
Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Trey McKay in Brooklyn NY
Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Trey McKay in Brooklyn NY at the age of 25. He is a smart and talented, up-and-coming interactive designer. Currently, he works at  Shapeways, which is the largest 3-d printing service. Ironically, I took zero iPhone ...
Certified Professional Photographer logo
What is a Certified Professional Photographer?
CPP? What the hecko is that? Well, a Certified Professional Photographer knows that raccoon eyes are NOT acceptable and MUCH more.
McKay's Photography in Rochester NY is a Top 20 Wedding Photographers in NY
What? I’m one of the Top 20 Wedding Photographers in NY!
Breaking News! WOW! This is amaze-balls! I've been named as one of the Top 20 Wedding Photographers in NY! At first, when I received the image request from the wedding blog, I didn't think much of it. Then I saw the list: Top 20 Wedding Photograph ...
snowboarding portraits
Snowboarding Portraits in Maine & New Hampshire
The last half of my East coast tour was to head North out of Boston (during a 10 inch snow storm!) to snowboard in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. I sure did test out my new Subaru, that's for sure. Luckily, I had already planned to stop over in Po ...