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engagement photo ideas for wedding photographers
What on Earth do we do with Engagement Photos?
Did you have engagement pictures taken and are now wondering what in the world you can do with all of the beautiful pictures?? Over the years, I've created a plethora of cool and unique photo products for my Bride and Grooms and have a lot of engagem ...
Photography 101: Black and White vs. Color?
Photography 101: Black and White vs. Color
Have you ever wanted to see a color image that was processed in black and white? To be honest, it's kind of a pain in the butt to go back and pull the color image just to show you what it looked like. As a professional wedding photographer, I ask you ...
couture wedding gown by Jaclyn Jordan of NY for modern wedding photos
Modern Vintage Wedding Venue: the Arbor Loft in Rochester NY
Happy first anniversary to Rochester's most unique, modern vintage wedding venue, Arbor Loft! Recently, Revival Vintage Rentals, McKay's Photography and Hohm Designs threw our love of all things vintage together and designed a full styled wedding at ...
wedding photographer office ideas
The Journey Towards a Perfect Home Office for My Photography Business
Man, my home office is always a mess. From the very beginning, it was pieced together with random extra furniture (or garage sale finds) and had photography gear just laying around on the floor. Though the room is technically the master bedroom, it w ...
Wedding Album Photos at Aurora Inn
Wedding Album Spotlight: Finger Lakes Wedding Photos at Aurora Inn
Katie & Mike’s final, heirloom wedding album photos of their Aurora Inn wedding is a stunning brown leather bound 12 x 12 custom designed photographic printed album. Their album was carefully crafted by the best bookmakers in the USA and the b ...
Vintage Film Friday: The Grand
Vintage Film Friday: The Grand
Vintage Film Friday: The Grand is the new home for McKay's Photography and is a collaborative/shared space with Revival Vintage Rentals and Jane Vintage, located in Rochester's historic South Wedge Neighborhood. Here, you can see examples of my fi ...
Wedding photos at the Lower Mill and Rabbit Room
Vintage MP Spotlight: Heather and Brad’s LDS Wedding and Rabbit Room Reception
Before Kate Middleton brought lace sleeves en vogue and DIY weddings were hot on Pinterest, Heather and Brad created the perfect classic - yet artistically designed - LDS wedding in Palmyra NY. The wedding ceremony was held at the Church of La ...
Inspire Photo Retreats in Maine. a workshop for photographers
My Strength is My Weakness: Inspire Retreat
Ah, the epic weirdness of life. For the past 3 years, this exact week, I have been in Maine snowboarding. I chose snowboarding over the popular Inspire Photo Retreat each time. This year it was finally the year to choose the retreat over boarding. ...
Professional Photographer Heather McKay, CPP
What the? How in the hecko did I become a centerfold?
Well, this was unexpected.... My pal (and sometimes assistant photographer), Pat Luke (CPP) posted this cute little video from the magazine aisle at the grocery store the other day! // Post by Patrick Luke. I had completely forgotte ...
top rochester wedding photographer Heather McKay
Ditch the 16×20 Canvas! Go big, go unique, go METAL printing!
Here it is! The big reveal! This is the largest single print I've ever created...a 40x90 inch metal print! That's right, metal. Yes, we can print on metal... No really.... The image is infused onto a piece of aluminum and floats off the wall. ...
pictures on canvas
How to Hang Your Wall Art & Canvas Prints
Ah! Finally, a simple and easy-to-remember way to hang up all of those gorgeous heirloom canvas prints and collage groupings that you created from my last post. This video is genius and it works for framed prints, gallery wrapped canvases, metal prin ...
wedding pictures on canvas
Canvas Printed Photographs and Heirloom Wall Art Projects
Check out this SUPER cool video of one of my wedding photos being made into a custom canvas print! Awesome! SO cool to see the behind the scenes of how these gorgeous heirlooms are created. Love it! Ove ...
business of photography workshop in Boston
Giving back: Workshops for Photographers
What an honor to be asked not once, but three times, to speak to other wedding and portrait photographers this summer. My class was about the art and science of offering, designing and selling albums to our clients. This is a topic that is very confu ...
Certified Professional Photographer logo
What is a Certified Professional Photographer?
CPP? What the hecko is that? Well, a Certified Professional Photographer knows that raccoon eyes are NOT acceptable and MUCH more.
McKay's Photography in Rochester NY is a Top 20 Wedding Photographers in NY
What? I’m one of the Top 20 Wedding Photographers in NY!
Breaking News! WOW! This is amaze-balls! I've been named as one of the Top 20 Wedding Photographers in NY! At first, when I received the image request from the wedding blog, I didn't think much of it. Then I saw the list: Top 20 Wedding Photograph ...