June 11, 2012

Casa Larga Wedding with Megan & Mike

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Casa Larga Wedding photos

My longest wedding of the year was such a whirl wind! This Casa Larga wedding began at the Lari James Salon in Webster, then I scooted over to hang with the groomsmen in Corn Hill. After that, the touching wedding ceremony at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and it followed by a kickin’ Casa Larga Vineyards wedding reception! We covered the entire East side of Rochester!


So, those are the logistics… now let me tell you what really happened:

I walk into the salon, ready for this 14 hour day & hoping the rain will ease up, to the Groom’s sisters gushing over me and telling me how excited they are that I am the Photographer. Well, in this highly competitive industry, this is so flattering, I can’t even explain. I already knew that Mike wanted me to do whatever I want and not feel limited with my creativity, so this just added fuel to that fire. Within minutes, most of the girls had friended me on Facebook :). I’ve never felt so popular in my life!

We were behind schedule by a lot. So, here is a tip: always be sure a Bridesmaid used to work at a Bridal salon! Turns out that both Mike and his sister, Anne, used to work at one during High School, so Anne went to town getting Megan into her wedding dress!!

Hair salon and makeup for wedding in rochester ny

When I get over to Mike & Megan’s house to hang out with the guys, they were all ready and waiting for whatever ensued. Unfortunately, I missed them hanging out at a bar earlier, but we were all laughs anyway while we waited to head to the church. Seriously, Mike does NOT stop laughing.

wedding photographer Rochester Heather McKay

Blessed Sacrament is located about 3 blocks from my house, yet I’d never photographed a wedding there before. This church is GORGEOUS. The woodwork, stained glass windows and detailing is stunning. Megan’s family Priest showed up on at motorcycle and continued that essence during his service. A perfect mix of humor, reality and romance.

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Rochester

The Bridal Party hopped on the limo bus and we headed over to Corn Hill to let out their super cute dog, Emma. It was such a pretty day that we all walked over to the river and luckily missed 3 bridal parties leaving. I’m sad that this has become such a popular location for wedding photos. And even more sad seeing these other photographers taking the same boring photos as each other. We just bypassed them and did our own thing. Megan & Mike live a block away and are moving to Ann Arbor, MI in a few weeks, so it was important for us to use this location.

rochester wedding photos by McKay's Photography

Hands down, this bridal party was the easiest large bridal party to pose… ever. They were all so attentive, took direction well and didn’t just assume the standard traditional positions immediately. I heart all of them!

Blessed Sacrament Wedding Ceremony

Casa Larga did a great job as usual, setting up the details and putting on a wonderful reception. The weather was still beautiful, so most of the guests hung around the back deck overlooking the vineyard. Pretty much everyone was laughing. At whatever.

Casa Larga wedding photos by Heather McKay's Photography

Casa Larga wedding photos by Heather McKay's Photography

The guestbook that we made out of the Engagement Photos was a big hit and it was nice to see it full at the end of the evening. Also, nice to see was a table with all of the relative’s past wedding photos. I love seeing vintage wedding photos, since my Parent’s don’t have any. Speaking of vintage wedding photos, Mike’s Dad’s Groomsmen were ALL in attendance! So, we updated that photo for them! I LOVE doing that kind of thing. These are the reasons you hire a Professional Wedding Photographer, right?

The rest of the evening was filled with more laughing. I’m not even kidding. Mike made me laugh so hard that I had to take a second to compose myself before I could photograph again. Then, Megan’s Grandmother did that to me during the toasts! And when I tried to get ONE romantic image of Mike & Megan, what did they do? Yep, started laughing. Do we see a theme here??

Casa Larga wedding photos Casa Larga Wedding photos

The dance floor was packed all night and there were a HIGH number of guests with some serious dancing skills. Ballroom dancing lessons, anyone??

Megan & Mike, thank you so much for being so rad to work with this past year (yes, I just used the word ‘rad). I hope that your move goes smoothly and that we keep in touch. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding and best wished for your marriage.

Casa Larga Vineyard Weddings

Rochester Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Heather McKay of McKay’s Photography

Second Photographer: Patrick Luke

Makeup and Hair: Lari James Salon & Spa  ||  Limousine: Diamonds Limo

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church

Wedding Reception Venue: Casa Larga Vineyards

Cakes: Your Perfect Day  ||  DJ: Rick, Music Masters


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