February 12, 2012

Caring for your Digital Files

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Well, it is Valentine’s Day! Instead of buying cheap chocolate and out-of-season flowers for your hunny bunny, why not do something more meaningful? Caring for your digital files is a much better use of your time and a bigger expression of long term committment!

By this, I mean: back up your wedding and portrait images onto a new media source. Today.

Making a complete and new backup of your digital files will keep your images safe and readable for years to come. Generations later will want to see how young you were and how silly your clothing fashions are….

MP’s recommended procedure is to back up the entire event on a new hard drive and also a could based storage solution. Keep the DVD backup at work or other off-site location. Using a cloud service , like Dropbox, Google Photos or Amazon Prime!

Hard drives fail pretty regularly, so having another copy is ideal.

how to care for your digital files

Copyright Law and terms:

Brief introduction to Copyright

Offering clients a usage license allows me to maintain ownership of the copyright, while granting the client the right to use the images in a specific manner, for a specific purpose or during a specific time frame. Since McKay’s Photography maintains the copyright, a usage license gives MP the most flexibility in deciding which rights I am releasing to the client.

MP’s Reproduction Release allows former clients to make unlimited prints for personal use. The images are not allowed to be resold or used for commercial uses without further written permission. Any images used in web or print must credit McKay’s Photography or Heather McKay, even on Facebook.

Copyright myths de-bunked

How to take care of your Digital Files so they last generations

Local Rochester photo labs:

Lumiere Photo: They print on fine-art paper and will frame your piece. They are much cheaper and better quality than the chain stores, even with those 50% off coupons you see. Pat Cain is the master framer and he does such a great job that I let him pick the mats and frames every time. Tell him I sent you and he’ll take great care of you and he’ll show you my preferred frame choices (they are all eco-friendly and affordable).

Scott’s Photo: This is where I used to get my film developed, yet they have self service kiosks as well. When using a self-serve kiosk, always ask if the prints are printed on traditional photo paper with chemicals. Scott’s and most other labs have switched to a ‘dry lab’ and the quality of printing is no longer acceptable by my standards. For regular, day in the life photos, it is fine… but not for priceless heirlooms like your professional wedding and portrait images. Matte finish is recommended.

Do not print my images on a dye-sub printer (instant prints). These dye-sub printers inside kiosks are the worst possible quality and extremely hard to calibrate for color, etc. Some labs can take your order on the kiosk and print traditionally. This is what I prefer. To make it even easier for the photo lab, create different folders on a USB drive or CD and name them according to what you want “one 4×6” for example. If you make a folder of images that you want in each size, they can quickly run them off for you.

For online printing, books, gifts, etc. anyone can use MPIX. MPIX is actually a consumer website storefront that uses a professional photo lab, like one that I use to print quality products for my couples. The quality is infinitely better that Shutterfly or any other online photo lab. They are quick too!

Do you know someone who has the digital files from their wedding and no album? I will create albums for any couple wishing to preserve their wedding in an heirloom wedding album that will last generations.


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