October 25, 2010

Bristol Mountain Fall Sky Rides

Living Vacation

Wow wow wow! I am so so so happy that my friend, Dawn, talked me into taking the day off to check out Bristol Mountain’s Fall Sky Rides! Being so swamped with work to do… albums, wediting, holiday planning…. I really didn’t think that taking a whole day off was a good idea….

bristol mountain fall sky rides

Oh, but it was. For my mental health alone. After sitting in front of the computer most of this summer and Fall, it was nice to step out and away and unplug.

My yoga instructor and friend, Genevra, and I headed down to Canadaigua to meet up with Dawn and her kids, then we all trekked over to Bristol Mountain. It was a beautiful and sunny Fall day… perfect for hiking!

Bristol Mountain Fall hiking and lift rides in the Finger Lakes

After picking up my snowboarding pass (totally inefficient setup at Bristol for this big event!), I decided to hike to the top of Bristol instead of waiting in yet another hour long line. As soon as I started up Rocket, I was regretting my decision. Luckily, Sebastian and his friends were hiking up with me and they kept me entertained!

Bristol Mountain Fall hiking and lift rides in the Finger Lakes

Hiking to the top wasn’t really that bad. It was steep, and I wished I brought some water, but it was really pretty and I really needed a good, hardcore hike! The best part was that I then rode the lift down the mountain, so really got a great view that way. Doesn’t make much sense to ride it up to the top…. I have to say though, that snowboarding down that hill is way more fun!

Anyway, once we got to the top, Dawn and the gang were all there waiting for us and it felt like a finish line! I even ran into some next door neighbors to the Smith family, who let us use their jungle gym for the Smith family portraits this past summer! Also, on the way down the lift, we passed Rochester Wedding Photographer, Danielle Zielinski and her husband on the way UP the lift!

Beautiful day. Great hike. Fresh air. Snowboarding pass in pocket. Friends. Sun. Fall colors. PERFECT DAY.

Bristol Mountain Fall hiking and ski lift rides in the Finger LakesBristol Mountain Fall hiking and lift rides in the Finger LakesBristol Mountain Fall hiking and ski lift rides in the Finger Lakes

Bristol Mountain Fall sky rides and hiking in the Finger Lakes is a fun family activity to see the Fall foliage on a beautiful October day.


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