Destination Wedding Photographer Heather McKay

Vintage MP Wedding: Destination Wedding in the Thousand Islands

Alexandria Belle boat thousand islands

Today’s vintage MP wedding is a destination wedding in Upstate NY’s gorgeous Thousand Islands! Stephanie and Howard had a fun wedding at the historic Boldt Castle in the Thousand Island region of NY, with the reception on the Alexandria Belle boat for their closest friends and family. This has been my only boat wedding!

photo-journalist wedding photo on the Alexandria Belle boat tour at sunset

Stephanie found me on the WPJA (Wedding Photo Journalist Association) website and booked me right over the phone for her destination Thousand Islands wedding! I wish every wedding was this easy to book. She also paid me all up front – without ever meeting me. I have to admit, this made me a little nervous when I was driving up to the Thousand Islands.

As soon as we officially met, every single worry was out the window. It was just that they were so confident that I was the perfect photographer for them that she didn’t mess around. This, I realized, is how she lives her whole life. Fully. She has a large, warm heart and a vibrancy that is contagious.

Destination Wedding Photographer Heather McKay

Destination wedding photography by Heather McKay

From the pizza rehearsal dinner  – to the tarot card readings – to the pub crawl after party, this was a heck of a weekend. I became fast friends with Merri, a bridesmaid, because she gave my hands a massage before the wedding, as well as the Bride and anyone else who wanted one! Talk about a sweet group of people. I also geeked out with Steph’s Dad because he, too, plays the banjo (poorly, like me)!

Fun facts: after having my tarot cards read by a professional here, I got into reading cards myself and now do it for friends regularly. We also went back a year later and had them read by the same lady again!

Because Steph & Howey found me on WPJA, I knew I could really take some chances. One of the things I did differently from Rochester weddings was to stay up in the tower with Stephanie and her parents to follow them down the wedding aisle. Normally, we photographers like to be up at the front of the ceremony site to keep an eye on the Groom and guests, but I had always wanted to follow the Bride instead.

This was my chance and I captured this award winning photo:

a candid moment between a bride and her parents on the wedding day

I could go on and on about how much I love these people, Howey’s epic beer brewing skills, etc. However, I’ll let you see the wedding pictures and read the related blog posts. We have become good friends since the wedding in 2008 and I’m excited to be photographing Merri’s wedding next year in Boston!

I’m sure we will recreate this photo again at her wedding (talk about foreshadowing!):

Destination wedding photography by Heather McKay

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Special thanks to James Bass for being the Second Photographer at this Thousand Islands wedding and doing all of the family formal portraits!