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fun family photos on Lake Ontario for German family
Fun Family Photos for the Urbans
Well, I've been flown to Denver for family portraits before, but I've never had a family fly to me before! And from Germany, no less! {ego exploding moment}
Artist Carolyn Probert in Africa
Auntie Carolyn’s African Journey
Film Friday: remembering my late Auntie Carolyn. As I head off to my bucket-list / trip-of-a-lifetime sabbatical to Africa this month, all I can think about is my Aunt Carolyn. She was my Mom's only sister, an artist, a very free spirit and she ca ...
Kraig Adams High School Senior Photos by McKay's Photography in Victor NY
Kraig Adams: High School Senior Photos
I love getting caught up with the families of past wedding couples! It is always an honor to be called back to work with a family again, as it obviously means that they were happy. So the Mother of a Bride from 2006 called and I was available to phot ...
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