Auntie Carolyn’s African Journey

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Film Friday: remembering my late Auntie Carolyn. As I head off to my bucket-list / trip-of-a-lifetime sabbatical to Africa this month, all I can think about is my Aunt Carolyn.

She was my Mom’s only sister, an artist, a very free spirit and she called everyone “duck“.

Artist Carolyn Probert in Africa

When I was in middle school, she traveled to Africa and it planted the bug in me. From the stories about the colors of the landscapes to visits with our relatives, I’ve been entranced.


Now, after about 30 years, I’ve finally made this trip a priority. For at least 25 years, I’ve been actively been talking about it….. Once on a trip to Wales with my Mom, my Zimbabwean cousin Kurt and his wife Cheryl just happened to be in Wales at the same time. I told them then to be forewarned…. one day soon, I was coming to visit!

Well, I turned 40 and realized that if I didn’t make it a priority, then I would blink and be 60… and still have not traveled to Africa. So, I picked a date and started making the plans.

000065070020Now the time has come.  A big thank you to all who have been supporting my efforts in taking this much needed time off of work.

From my sisters who helped me chronicle Carolyn’s travels and buying me supplies, to Aunt’s from the other side of the family who generously donated money to the cause to friends who are taking care of my home and email while I’m off the grid and to my Mom for paying to scan in all of Carolyn’s film from her journey… It was a group effort and one that has me feeling a lot less alone in this world!


Carolyn wrote a very poetic account of her trip and the last paragraph is a perfect summary:

 “…not doing justice to the sights seen, animals, landscapes and people met. will be returning with many photos, many more tales untold. books. things collected. a suntan! and the recommendation that seeing Africa is a MUST. the people, the land and animals an extraordinary experience not be missed (as far as politics – need time and space to digest all I’ve seen and experienced. can say that things are not exactly as our news media portrays). The family… They’ve been terrific. A welcome as open and warm as ever experienced. They began in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) moved to Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and some, now in South Africa. An area well known to them, no matter what troubles there might have been – or – may yet face, they love Southern Africa and have given me the opportunity of an inside glimpse at a corner of the world most “yanks” hardly consider.”


Details: This trip is a 6 week bucket-list adventure, with the first 10 days being a Photographer’s Safari in South Africa! After that, I’m headed to Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia to visit my extended family there. It is such a blessing to have family to visit, as it also makes it a lot less scary!

A very special thank you to all of my current clients who have been so supportive and understanding!! You have made this sabbatical a lot less stressful and I thank you!


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  1. Wilma J Galbreath

    Have a wonderful trip – The pictures are beautiful, I know yours will be even better. Carolyn would be proud of you and I know your family and friends (me) are.

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