Candid Elopement Photos in Corbett's Glen Park

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Ashli and Logan planned the perfect elopement in Brighton and wanted to photograph their normal day-in-the-life with portraits at Corbett’s Glen Park. Their beautiful son, Magnus, was there too.

How wonderful to be there on your parent’s wedding day?

I’ve always dreamed of being able to see images of my parents on their wedding day. They were so young! My parents were 19 & 20 years old, and what I wouldn’t give to have a wedding album of theirs, much less video or to have been there too.

When I’m hired for family photography, two things still go through my head… Will they only want formal portraits? and How can I convince the parents that they need to be in the pictures?

Candid Family Photos in Rochester NY

Lucky for me, Ashli wasn’t lying to me when she said she just wanted natural and candid pictures at their favorite family hiking spot. They go to Corbett’s Glen park weekly and wanted to document their love of the location, nature, each other. I loved the idea, naturally. It’s totally my jam.

Though I kept expecting someone to try to be camera aware and want formal face photos, the family was real and was great about ignoring me as much as possible. They just did their own thing. I nudged them into situations or lighting that worked for me, but the rest was all them.

Their family portraits at Corbett’s Glen Park were relaxed, candid and showed their subdued energy and calm love for each other.

Family Portraits at Corbett's Glen Park:

Magnus was aware something was up, as he did take a little while to warm up to me.

I’m sure he was just wondering why all of a sudden there was a new person and a camera around.

Usually, with family photos, I get a few minutes to play with the kiddos and get them to warm up to me. We didn’t do that with Magnus, however, we were at their fave place and it was easy for him to just play with his parents and stomp around in the water like normal.

After the family portraits at Corbett’s Glen Park, the happy couple went on to the Brighton Town Hall and eloped.

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