Trisha & Neil Wedding at Artisan Works

Holy Wow! What a rad family to work with! Trisha and Neil had a kickin’ wedding at my favorite Rochester wedding location in… Artisan Works!

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Trisha Osuch with Dad on wedding dayThe ceremony and reception was in Vertigo Heights, but we had time to run around the entire building and explore the nooks and crannies. They were both so laid back and giggly that it made my job simple. Trisha even kept telling me to stop saying ‘please’ and just boss her around. For the ceremony, Trisha and Neil wrote their own vows and had all the guests in tears with laughter and then tears of joy. There was even a reading from a Dr. Seuss book!

That was really cool because I feel like the centerpieces from Stacy K Floral remind me a lot of the illustrations in Dr. Seuss. The cakes from Premier Pastry were fun as well and I heard this was their first time to make a poker table cake, complete with chips! The Bridal Party was a riot to work with and Jeremy gave me plenty of awesome spice to any image I was taking.

All the guys were! They LOVED the new fire truck at Artisan Works and totally made themselves at home in that space. The reception was fun too, of course. At one point, Trisha’s Uncle got out on the dance floor and was break dancing, much to the delight of everyone in attendance! He blew everyone away!

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Trisha and her Dad are pretty much my biggest fans, so I stuck around a little late to photograph the grand exit from AW with all the guests holding sparklers! It was a beautiful sight against the colorful backdrop of AW’s exterior and a heck of a way to end an extremely busy week for me! Congratulations to Neil and Trisha and thanks again for having me photograph your wedding! You two rock!

Artisan Works weddings in rochester ny by McKay's Photography

Rochester wedding location for fun and offbeat wedding photos at Artisan Works!

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10 thoughts on “Trisha & Neil Wedding at Artisan Works”

  1. What a great wedding… Everybody was blown away by the ceremony, artisan works, and all the fun dancing!!!! Congrats Trisha and Neil!!! love you guyz!!

  2. Best wedding ever!!!!! Great time full of just the right amount of “sweet” and “off the wall” moments…..fitting to our family’s sensibilities! So happy for Trisha and Neil….couldn’t have wished for anything more special…..Heather’s right….you guys rock! Love you tons!

  3. This night will go down as one of the top 3 days in my life (marrying Trisha’s mom, and Trisha being born are the others – in no particular order!) As the father of the bride, I could not have asked for anything more. Heather was amazing as expected, by capturing the personalities of Neil and Trisha on film. Stacy K was dead-on with the flowers, Premier Pastry was brilliant, and Artisanworks was ……….Artisanworks!

    A person at the wedding was quoted as saying, “I am way to old to know what ‘cool’ is, but I am pretty certain that this wedding fits the bill!”. When the limo was ready to take Trisha and Neil away, Trisha asked, “Dad, I am having a great time, can we stay a little longer?” Life is good.

    It was an absolutely magical evening!

  4. One more thing – I failed to mention the candy buffet! This was was an unbelievable hit. Trisha’s aunt Dawn and uncle Tim made a styrofoam cloud that had lolipops with all of the guests names and table numbers. Organza bags were at each seat with instructions to fill them at the candy buffet. At one point it appeared that there was a feeding frenzy at the candy bar! A great time was had by all!

  5. These pictures are great. I am so sad I didn’t get to meet the bride and groom and father on that day but I did get the chance to see mom. It was a pleasure working with them all and they look like a blast. Great job capturing their personalities Heather!!!

  6. It was such a great experience working with the whole Romano/Usuch family, planning Trisha and Neil’s event. The photos are evidence of what an amazing evening it was for everyone involved. I just hope that thay can get back to Rochester to visit again soon. Thanks to all.

  7. I want to thank Dennis and Sara for their part in the wedding. It was a great success, thanks to your help! Neil and Trisha “Osuch” I hope you have a happy, healthy, kid-friendly life together! Love, Mom (Sue) Osuch

  8. it was a dream come true for all of us i wish i could of done a little more it was moment in life that passes but stays within us forever i want to thank the prides parents for there help and and the lord above for giving a son such as Neil to me and his mom without her this this day would not have happen …….
    May god bless all of us for that day grooms parents and brides parents what gift was given when two become one only they Neil and Trisha know what feeling that is its special don’t let anyone take it away ……..
    Love your dad
    Mr. Walter Osuch

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