Rochester's Most Unique Event Space: Artisan Works

unique wedding photos at Artisan Works art gallery

As many of you who follow this blog know, one of my favorite places to photograph weddings in Rochester is at the very unique Rochester wedding venue: Artisan Works art gallery!

It is the most unique wedding venue in Rochester and Western NY.

unique wedding photos at Artisan Works art gallery

Art Gallery Space With Event Rentals

I have been a member of this unique event venue for years and now I am a corporate member! There is nothing quite as gratifying to an artist as supporting other artists and having a place in town to go get inspired.

Over the years, I’ve probably photographed over a dozen weddings at Artisan Works art gallery for all sorts of couples. Artisan Works has something for everyone.

  • Straight weddings,
  • Gay & Lesbian weddings
  • Large weddings
  • Small weddings
  • Corporate holiday parties

They also use the best caterer in Rochester, Madeline’s Catering!

My favorite part about weddings and events at this funky art gallery is the food with Madeline’s Catering! She is up for any challenge and even the old standbys are beautifully presented and reimagined.

unique wedding photos at Artisan Works art gallery

When Victoria mentioned that the Artisan Works website was being redone, I stepped up to take some new images for their website.

Secretly, I just wanted special access to photograph the place without the demands of photographing a wedding!

Photography at ArtisanWorks Event Space

Photography inside Artisan Works is no small feat. It is probably one of the worst places for a wedding photographer to work, as the lighting patterns and colors change every 5 feet! There is also the added bonus and distraction of all of the artwork.

Photographers really need to watch the background and be responsible for everything in the frame.

Which can be hella fun!

Are you looking for unique wedding venues in or near Rochester NY? Rochester has many interesting wedding venues available for your offbeat wedding.

Here are just a few images I created for the very unique wedding venue: Artisan Works...

unique wedding event venues in Rochester NY
unique wedding photos at Artisan Works art gallery