May 19, 2009

Amazing Surprise

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Wow, I was having a rather grumpy day today after 5 very busy days. I was trying to get some overdue work finished, trying to put together the new compost bin that finally arrived, and trying to clean the house after my wonderful cat died this past weekend…. None of these things were going very smoothly. Then, I received an amazing and thoughtful surprise! I nearly cried at the sheer thoughtfulness of it! As I was opening the box, I was thinking I didn’t order anything… what could it be? Wow, a coffee and chocolate filled gift basket from Megan and Jeff Kramer (wedding 2008)! Not only was it filled with my favorite things, it was also ALL organic, fair trade, etc.! They know me so well!

should you tip your wedding photographer

Here is the note that was inside:

“Heather, thank you so much for being an AWESOME wedding photographer. The album is beautiful and we have been showing it off to everyone! Hope to work with you again soon! Best wishes, Megan and Jeff Kramer”

Megan and Jeff, Thank you SO much! This is truly the sweetest Thank You I’ve received from a customer of mine! I am so touched that you think this highly of your experience working with me. This made my day and I enjoyed working with you as well! Please keep in touch!

The gift basket is from Grounds for Change:

  • Certified Organic Coffee
    Organic coffee is grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, thereby assuring the health of the soil, forest and farmers. All of the coffee we roast is certified organic.
  • Certified Fair Trade Coffee
    Fair trade coffee gives farmers a better standard of living and producer cooperatives are guaranteed a minimum fair price for their crop. All of the coffee we roast is Fair Trade Certified.
  • Shade Grown Coffee
    Shade grown coffee protects migratory bird habitat and reduces clear-cutting in tropical rainforests as well as enhancing flavor. All of our coffee is verified as shade grown and whenever possible, our coffee is Shade Grown Certified by SMBC (this certification is only available in certain origin countries).
  • CarbonFree® Certified Coffee
    To get a product certified CarbonFree®, a company must submit the item for a detailed Life Cycle Analysis, a third-party process that formally scrutinizes the carbon emissions associated with every step in production. The resulting analysis accounts for and offsets all carbon dioxide emissions, in our case, starting with a coffee plant and ending with an empty bag of coffee.
  • Wholesale Coffee Program
    Grounds for Change is proud to offer a unique coffee wholesale program for our Organic, Fair Trade coffee that is geared towards independent cafes and colleges.
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