April 4, 2010

a roundabout way back to Rochester

General Living Vacation

After all of the hoopla surrounding my CPP exam, the annual Northeast Convention and my bathroom remodel, I decided to take the long way back to Rochester and visit friends on the East coast. Boston, Cooperstown and Binghamton top the list….

Since the drive to Boston is so boring, and Albany is more than half way there, I scooted to Boston after the convention! I arrived just in time for record rainfall in March, but was secretly happy about this due to the sheer amount of work that has piled up during the chaos over the last 2 months. You know, there is something really great about being locked into a friend’s apartment while they are at work. Makes me remember that I should be working too! Wow, I got a lot done! So much so, that I decided to stay through Easter weekend to dog sit for her. Somehow, Easter weekend doesn’t seem as important when your family isn’t close.

During the week I was able to see both of my friends named Marc though and that was awesome. Marc Baizman just eloped in Jamaica, so I wanted to hear all about that and try to talk him into doing a American tour for a wedding reception (which I would want to document, of course). Marc Leuchner and Courtney Hite met up with me in Porter Square for dinner and beer the same day and it was so great to see them! You know, they eloped too… I think I see a trend here. Or at least a trend with Marcs.

Part of the reason I wanted to stay in Boston was that the weather has been 70-80 and sunny! I thought, how perfect to go run around on a photo safari alone in this city that I’ve only known through the eyes of my Late Auntie Carolyn. Well, it turns out that I just wasn’t in the mood. Maybe it was from being tired from the chaos lately. Maybe just because I wanted to get some wedding albums designed before wedding season heats up at the end of the month. Or maybe I’m just not inspired. Probably a mix of all three.Oh, but I was super excited to see Heather (the flowering shrub from Wales) in bloom!

I did venture out to South Boston’s Castle Island for a long walk, but I wasn’t feeling artsy. I thought about walking the Freedom Trail, but wasn’t feeling that either.  I don’t know what it is. Maybe I’m just needing a real vacation? Or a new hobby now that photography is my job? Luckily I always feel inspired at each wedding that I photograph! And I do love designing wedding albums. That has been fun this week! I get to relive the entire wedding all over again and cull it all down to just the highlights. Difficult and fun, and so so rewarding when the album is finished and shiny and pretty.

It has been great staying with Merri (Maid of Honor, 2008) and it is awesome to see Boston from a different view since my Aunt died last year. She lived here for 30 years and I’ve only ever experienced it with her…

Well, next up is Cooperstown, at the early crack of dawn tomorrow, so I better go pack. I’m going to visit Chris and Bret, most of you know him as the skateboarding groom from years ago… Still one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever photographed…. It will be great to see them (especially since Chris is pregnant!).


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