1000 Island family photography

Film Portrait Friday: A weekend in the life of the Reeve family: 1000 Island family photography

1000 Island family photographers

Vintage Film Portrait Friday: The Reeve / Backo family, 1000 Island family photography!

For the last few years, I’ve switched back to film for my portrait work and at the same time, added in weekend destination day-in-the-life photography experiences. First there was Alabama for Emmy and then the Thousand Islands for the Reeve / Backo family. Both are past wedding photography couples of mine! It is such a joy to spend time with my wedding couples again and see them raising their families. By the time the wedding process is over, we feel like lifelong friends.

day in the life family photos in the thousand Islands

Mamiya RZ67 film photography in the thousand Islands region of NY

Stephanie and Howard were married up in the Thousand Islands at the historic Boldt Castle, and we won a pretty nifty International Photography Award together!! yeah!

So, naturally when Steph asked me if I could plan a weekend to visit their new island home and capture their new baby girl, I said “YES!”

“Oh, wait, when do I have a whole weekend free??? ”

“Um, how about this weekend? Oh, wait, nope, I can’t get away…”

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Well, it finally worked out 4 months later and it was lovely. I tell ya, these guys have their system all worked out! Two dogs, a kid, water, coolers, supplies, me… all into a little boat at dusk… to get over to their little island.

1000 Island family photography at sunset
It sure was awesome to wake up to a peaceful sunrise the next morning…

thousand Islands NY

The weekend was full of family, food, drinking, hearing the history of the island and cabin and seeing the progress they are making with all of the needed repairs.
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1000 Island family photography

Two boat loads of us took a fun scenic tour of the entire Thousand Islands region and Alexandria Bay… we even went by Boldt Castle again! What a gorgeous part of the world. It is stunning up there!
1000 Island family photography by McKay's Photography

1000 Island family photography by film photographer in Upstate NY

1000 Island family photography

Vacations in the Thousand Islands

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1000 Island family photography

unique NY family photographers

unique NY family photographers who shoot film

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1000 Island family photography


As you can see, it was a lovely and relaxing weekend with Steph, Howie and their little peanut! After a busy wedding season, it was a treat to slow down and photograph photo journalistically with my film camera!

Are you interested in day-in-the-life photography? Let me know and together we will brainstorm the what/where/how of a fine art photography family experience.