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Hi! I’m Heather McKay, the owner and mastermind behind McKay’s Photography. For 15 years, I’ve been the premier wedding photographer in Rochester NY, also serving Buffalo, Finger Lakes and the Adirondacks. My business is NY’s only certified eco-friendly wedding photography studio and my work is internationally acclaimed wedding photography. My passion is in delivering exciting, fresh, fun and interesting wedding photos to my weddings, while guiding my couples in planning a stress free wedding day. Due to this extensive experience, I now specialize in small, unique weddings. My passport is current and any destination is at my fingertips. Book today!



the BLOG

Are you interested in behind the scenes view of an event similar to yours? Want to look at documentary style wedding photos? Would you like expert tips from a seasoned pro (*gasp* with opinions!)? Or are you just here to get ideas for your own wedding and family portraits? Either way, the ‘ole BLOG is chock full and probably has what you are looking for. There is even a fancy search button for your pleasure…




the WORK

What you came here for… Gorgeous, fine art moments captured in a way that only Heather sees. My goal is to use technical and observing skills to show you how your closest friends and family see you. The real, beautiful you. Fleeting moments of authenticity captured for generations to enjoy.





Are you ready to hire the most helpful wedding photographer in Rochester and then sit back and enjoy the rest of your wedding planning? Heather McKay is Rochester’s premier wedding photographer serving weddings in the Finger Lakes, Rochester and Adirondacks, specializing in small or offbeat weddings.

Let’s commit to each other today and put a ring on it! Email me with your details so I can craft a perfect package just for you.


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